A. Our Alma Mater

The founding of our Alma Mater, the Nanyang University, affectionately called Nantah, is the crystallization of the aspiration of the Chinese community to pursue excellence. During the colonial days, Nantah has taken a long and uneven route before it was incorporated as a company known as Nanyang University Limited on 5 May 1953. Credit, must therefore,be given to the founder, the late Mr. Tan Lark Sye for his sheer grit and etermination to build Nantah under the adverse circumstances of the time.

Nantah brief chronology is as follows:

1. 16 Jan 1953
As Chairman of Singapore Hokien Huay Kuan, Tan Lark Sye proposed to set up a Chinese university at its Council Meeting. His proposal was well-received by the Chinese communities in both Singapore and Malaya.

2. 23 Jan 1953
The Singapore Hokien Huay Kuan announced its decision to donate 523 acres of its lands at Upper Jurong Road as campus site.

3. 5 May 1953
Nanyang University Limited was incorporated.

4. 26 Jul 1953
Earth-breaking ceremony, followed by a series of large-scale donation campaigns.

5. 15 Mar 1956

Lessons commenced

6. 30 Mar 1958

Nantah was officially declared open by the Governor, Sir William Goode.

7. 25 May 1968

Nantah degrees were officially recognized by the Government

8. 8 Aug 1980

Enactment of the National University of Singapore Act to give effect to the merger of the University of Singapore and the Nanyang University.

B. Our Association

The Association of Nanyang University Graduates (ANUG) was officially registered as a society in 1964 to foster better relationships and understanding among the Nantah Alumni through participation of academic, sports, games, social and recreational activities, ANUG affairs is managed by a 20-member council.

Being an active promoter of academic activities, besides co-organizing international academic symposia with institutions of higher learning and academic societies, ANUG has also been organizing a series of talks annually featuring both local and overseas speakers. The establishment of S$1.92 m Tan Lark Sye Professorship in Chinese Language and Culture is a culmination of ANUG efforts in academic promotion. This professorship was established in commemoration of Mr Tan's contribution towards education.

When ANUG hosted the 4th Global Reunion of Nantah Alumni in 1995 at the NTU campus, it took the opportunity to raise S$50,000.00 for the NTU Student Union fund, of which, ANUG donate a sum of S$10,000.00. In 1997 and 2000, ANUG raised S$15,000.00 each for the setting up of two awards, i.e. The Association of Nanyang University Graduates Gold Metal Awards for top graduates of National Institute of Education and Nanyang Business School.

Each year, ANUG organizes a wide spectrum of activities to foster closer ties among our alumni here. At the same time, forging cordial relationships with our overseas counterparts has never been forgotten. Since the inception of the First Global Nantah Alumni Reunion held in Toronto in 1992. ANUG has been actively encouraging our members to participate in every reunion and when it hosted the 4th Reunion in 1995, the number of participatnts hit the record of more than 5,000. Bulk Wholesale.

In terms of external links, ANUG is member of NTU Alumni Relation Council, NUS Alumni Liaison Committee and the Alumni International of Singapore. ANUG is also corporate member of the People's Association and the Choral Association of Singapore and participated actively in the foresaid organizations. As we believe in active citizenry, we participated actively in the dialogue series of Feedback Unit.

ANUG website: www.nantahalumni.org.sg








Copyright © 2001 The Association Of Nanyang University Graduates. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2001 The Association Of Nanyang University Graduates. All rights reserved.